Agility, LLC was founded in 2013, and strives to provide the best consultation, training and facilitation tailored to the needs of our clients. We are a women-owned business engaged in providing services to the public and private sector using our many experienced partners and in-house experts.

At Agility, we have the people, skills, and tools in place to turn a client’s challenges into collaborative successes. We make sure that the client’s goals come first, and because one size does not fit all when providing services, our customer-centered approach tailors our strategies and methods to the unique needs and requirements of each project. Our solutions are creative, constructive, cost and time effective, and fully customized to your organization’s needs.

We also provide solutions for engaging webinars, focus groups, job aids, instructor-led training, and educational outreach. In addition to our areas of experience, we can work with your subject matter specialists and/or leverage our wide network of Subject Matter Experts and consultants in a myriad of fields.